Devotional Prayers

Devotional Prayers

Good Intention
Divine Providence
Childlike Trust
Imitation of Mary
Oneness with Mary
God Our Father
Holy Spirit

Good Intention          [Next     Top]
All I experience today,
What I say and what I dare,
All my thoughts and all my actions,
What I love and what I merit,
All that I direct and conquer,
All my joys and all my sorrows,
All that I am and have,
I give to you as a gift of love.

Use it so the holy stream of grace
Flows richly from the shrine
To win hearts for Schoenstatt.
Lead there all those whom you have chosen
That the work we offer to the Triune God
May be fruitful.

Consecration          [Next     Top]
My Queen, my Mother,
I give myself entirely to you,
And to show my devotion to you,
I consecrate to you this day
My eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart,
My entire self without reserve.
As I am your own, my good Mother,
Guard me and defend me
As your property and possession.

Divine Providence          [Next     Top]
You know the way for me, you know the time.
Into your hands I trustingly place mine.
You plan is perfect, born of perfect love;
You know the way for me, that is enough.

Confidence          [Next      Top]
I trust your might, your kindness, Mother dear,
I do believe that you are always near.
Schoenstatt’s great Queen, O Mother mild,
I blindly trust in you and in your child.

Childlike Trust          [Next      Top]
We believe, O Mother, in your great might,
Though you be hidden as a darkest night.
We believe in your victorious strength
Though our desires may find no recompense.
We love you, Mother, who so tenderly
Love each and all of us unceasingly.
We love you, too, when you do not bestow
You endless riches on us here below.
Yet in your mercy and benevolence
Increase our faith and childlike confidence.

O let us always see your loving care
That, strong in faith, we do not fear to dare
But face the future sure of victory,
Looking to you for guidance trustfully.
Our love will free us from all earthly ties
That, eager and prepared for sacrifice,
We offer life and love and loyalty
Serving you now and in eternity.

Imitation of Mary          [Next      Top]
Let us walk like you through life,
Let us mirror you forever:
Strong and noble, meek and mild,
Peace and love be our endeavor.
Walk in us through our world,
Make it ready for the Lord.

Think in me, O Mother,
That my thoughts be clear and bright;
Speak in me, O Mother,
That my speech be true and bright;
Work in me, O Mother,
My work is then well done;
Then holy is my labor,
My rest a holy one.
You penetrate my being,
Fill every part of me,
That all your ways and conduct
In me each one can see.

Oneness with Mary          [Next      Top]
O Mother, in your holy heart
Deeply inscribe each name,
And as a sign that we are yours
Write it with blood and flame.
In love and childlike gratitude
Your name shall also be
Deeply inscribed within my heart
For time and for eternity.

Apostolate          [Next      Top]
Mother Thrice Admirable,
Mother of grace,
Teach us to fight your foes,
Grant us deep faith.
Never regarding
Their number and might,
We spread your love
Over the earth’s dark night,
So that the world,
Through you transformed,
Will pay due homage to your Son.

Mother with you Child divine,
Make our country wholly yours.
Help that it will never cease
To follow you and gain God’s peace.
Mother and Child, united in love,
Will restore it in grace from above.

Thanksgiving          [Next      Top]
With heartfelt love I thank you, Mother dear,
With you to guide me, I need have no fear;
When all around seemed dark and drear and grey,
You stood as beacon for a brighter day.

Your smile illumined every wakeful hour,
You did uphold me with your gentle power.
Thanks, thousand thanks to you, to God shall be
Now and for all eternity.

God Our Father          [Next      Top]
I know you are my Father!
I feel secure in your protection.
I do not ask the way you lead
I blindly follow your direction.
And if you placed into my hands
My life and I myself direct it,
I then would say: O, take it back,
Your trusting child is well protected.

I know, you are my Father!
You gave your Son for our salvation,
The Sole-Begotten, Light from Light,
Who by His death brought us redemption.
You love, O Father, has no end.
How could I doubt since you go with me!
And as you lead through thorn-filled ways,
I trust you, Father, without worry.

I know, you are my Father!
You love gave me a caring Mother,
The Mother Three Time Wonderful,
That she may lead me to you, Father.
Like Mary, I pray trustingly:
You faithful love cannot deceive me.
I want to do your holy will,
For I am yours, and you are mercy.

Holy Spirit          [Top]
In the midst of the apostles
You powerfully interceded
The coming of the promised Spirit,
Who transformed weak men
And guides the Church on the road to victory.
Open our hearts for the Spirit of God
That he may change the course of the world.

Holy Spirit,
You are the soul of my soul.
I humbly adore you.
Enlighten me, strengthen me,
Guide me, comfort me.
Reveal you wishes to me
As far as this is in accordance
With the will of the Eternal Father.
Show me what Eternal Love wants of me.
Show me what I should do.
Show me what I should suffer.
Show me what I should humbly and
Thoughtfully accept, bear, and endure.
Holy Spirit, show me your will
And the will of the Father,
For I want my whole life to be nothing else
Than a continuous, and everlasting yes
To the wishes, to the will of God,
The Eternal Father.

Mother Thrice Admirable
Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt,
Pray for us;

Mother Thrice Admirable
Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt,
Protect our country;

Mother Thrice Admirable
Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt,
Bless the whole world.