Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign

The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign is an Apostolate Original Pilgrim Shrine 1within the International Schoenstatt Movement. It initiates prayer, evangelization, and formation through the Pilgrim MTA shrine. Groups of 5-10 families circulate the Pilgrim Shrine during the course of each month.

The SRC began in Santa Maria, Brazil. In the Holy Year of 1950, John Pozzobon, a member of the Schoenstatt Movement received a picture of the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt. It was  suggested to him that he take this MTA picture into the homes of many people. He accepted this holy task and mission.

John Pozzobon carrying MTA Auxiliary Shrine

For 35 years John took the MTA on pilgrimage. He walked more than 85,000 miles and brought the picture of our Lady of Schoenstatt to families, schools, prisons, hospitals, etc. He took the words of Father Joseph Kentenich (Founder of Schoenstatt) to heart by bringing the MTA in her Shrine to people so that from there she can distribute many graces.

In Texas it started in August of 1987.

What takes place when the Pilgrim MTA goes to visit families and homes?

When the Blessed Virgin Mary went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, her presence brought many blessings. Not only did Mary serve Elizabeth’s physical needs, she brought the Lord with her into Elizabeth’s house. She filled the atmosphere in the home with praises of God, prompted joy, inspired prophecy, and prepared the way for the miracle of Zachary’s cure. (cf Luke 1:39-56)

Mary wants to carry Jesus into our homes, offices, schools, Pilgrim Shrine on the way 2014gathering places. She wants to serve our needs, intercede for miracles in our lives. She knows that we cannot travel easily to the great pilgrimage places: Lourdes in France, Fatima in Portugal, Schoenstatt in Germany, etc. Therefore her motherly concern for us and her devotion to Christ urge her to COME TO US. We are called on by the recent popes to spread a Christian culture, a Marian atmosphere wherever we are. We can overcome the gravely sinful and negative aspects in society by opening our hearts to Mary. She wants to transform our minds and hearts with her graces from the Schoenstatt Shrine and to spread the Kingdom of God by bringing Christ anew to those around us.

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