Fr. Kentenich’s Writings

From SCHOENSTATT: The Founding Documents

SCHOENSTATT: The Founding Documents p. 74 #96

Thanks be to God! So it is that we again place ourselves with both feet on the ground of our tradition, and carry one of the most essential fundamental forces of the living organism of our family with new vigor into a perilous future. We rejoice because we know and recognize the ancient law: “The prosperity of a kingdom is determined by the faithfulness of its members to the basic forces upon which it was originally founded”. Our family was essentially built through the contributions to the capital of grace of the Mother Thrice Admirable. It must therefore be uncompromising in its faithfulness to this point for all times if it wants to survive the trial by fire. For the family and its fruitfulness it is a matter of life and death.

SCHOENSTATT: The Founding Documents p. 30 #7

Undoubtedly, we could not accomplish a greater apostolic deed nor leave our successors a more precious legacy than to urge our Lady and Queen to erect her throne here in a special way, to distribute her treasures, and to work miracles of grace. You gather what I am aiming at: I would like to make this place a place of pilgrimage, a place of grace for our house and for the whole German province, and perhaps even further afield.

Selected Reading in English
About Schoenstatt and its Spirituality

1. General Introductions
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2. Basic Works by Fr. Kentenich

Kentenich, Fr. Joseph,
Schoenstatt: The Founding Documents, (Waukesha, 1993).
Heavenwards (Prayers written in Dachau, Waukesha, 1992).
Mary, Our Mother and Educator, (Waukesha, 1987).
Childlikeness Before God, (Waukesha, 2001).

3. Schoenstatt Spirituality
a. Outlines and Group Material

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Vol. 1: Divine Providence
Vol. 2: Covenant in Salvation History
Vol. 3: Covenant in the History of Schoenstatt
Vol. 4: Schoenstatt – Covenant of Love
Vol. 5: Covenant of Love in Daily Life
– My Home, A Shrine, (Waukesha, 1986).

b. Talks and Texts

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4. Schoenstatt History

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5. Biographies and Biographical

# Bullion, Gertraud von
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# Engel, Sr. Emilie
Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary, Sr. Emilie Engel (short biography and novena)
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# Schimmel, Gilbert
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6. Father Kentenich’s Words and Works

a. Mary
Marian Instrument Piety (Treatise in Dachau, 1944) (Waukesha, 1992).
Our Marian Mission (Various) (Cape Town, 1992).
With Mary into the New Millennium (Various) (Waukesha, 2001).

b. Family
The Family (Talks for families, 1950) (Waukesha, 1997).
The Family at the Service of Life (Recollection days, 1953) (Bangalore, 2001).
Marian Education for Marriage (Conferences, 1934) (Cape Town, 1971).
On Monday Evenings…(Talks for families, 1955-64) (Waukesha).
Volume 1: To Live out of the Covenant of Love (1995).
Volume 20: Married Love as a Way to Holiness (1998).

c. Faith
Christ My Life (Various) (Cape Town, 1996).
The Game of Love (Sermons, 1965) (Waukesha, 1998).
In Covenant with the Blessed Trinity (Various) (Mumbai, 2000).
Moved by the Spirit (Various) (Mumbai, 1998).
New Life for a New World (Various) (Cape Town, 1994).
Rediscovering the Father (Various) (Mumbai, 1999).

d. Formation
Education and the Challenge of Our Times (Conferences for educators, 1950)
(Waukesha, 1996).
Seed of a New World (Day of Reflection, 1953) (Waukesha, c. 1975).
What is my Philosophy of Education? (Study, 1959) (Cape Town, 1990).

e. Schoenstatt
January 20 (Talk on January 20, 1967) (Waukesha, c. 1975).
Our Founder to His Families (Talk about Dachau, 1967) (Constantia, 1974).
Pentecost (Talk on May 14, 1967) (Waukesha, c. 1975).
Message to Essen (Written message, September 7, 1968) (Waukesha, 1995)

f. Aphorisms
The Christian’s Goal in Life (reflections on childlikeness) (Waukesha, 1991).
God my Father (reflections on God the Father) (Waukesha, 1977).
He Exults the Lowly (reflections on humility) (Waukesha, 1998).
The Jewel of Purity (reflections on purity, ed. by B. Warth) (Waukesha, 1993).
My Heart, Your Shrine (reflections on the heart shrine) (Waukesha, 1996).
Sign of Light for the World (reflections on Mary) (Constantia, 1980).

7. Specialized Research
Naumann, Rita M. Isabelle, Cum Maria ad altare (dissertation on Fr. Ken-
tenich’s image of the Church) (Waukesha, 1999).

8. Novenas

Novena in honor of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt.
Be it Done to Me According to Your Word.

# Fr. Kentenich
The Courage of Faith (general).
I Go to Father Kentenich (children).
Young People on the Way to God with Father Kentenich (youth).

# Other
Man Afire (Joseph Engling).
Reflections on the Triune God (Gilbert Schimmel).
Sacred Motherhood (expectant mothers).